Working Remotely With Your Attorney

by | Business Law, Private Client Services

We have long used the most current technology to communicate with our clients. COVID has caused their use to become mainstream.

Can you really work remotely with your attorney – or an entire legal team – and still expect the same level of service, the same outcome, and the same experience? We are prepared to meet with you through a method that will allow us to meet your legal needs while observing the legal requirements to achieve the enforcement of your legal choices.

Tips to Make it Work

Much like working from home has been a learning curve, so is working remotely with your attorney. Benefits aside, it still takes some getting used to, and there are a few small steps that can make the transition easier.

  1. Let your attorney know if you prefer video calls – Microsoft Teams is our preferred platform but we are available to meet thought many other services. While it’s not the same as sitting in person, putting a “face to the voice” of your attorney is clearly beneficial, and will make you feel more comfortable with the relationship. If you’re in favor of video calls, be sure to tell us.
  2. Pay close attention to policies and procedures –  If your attorney is providing the option to work with them remotely, chances are they have meticulous procedures in place to maintain confidentiality and effective communication. To keep things running smoothly, it’s important to take careful note of these procedures and make sure to follow them. If your attorney presents a preferred method for document-sharing, it’s most likely in place to protect your privacy. Making sure to align with the preferred processes your lawyer implements for the important aspects of your case can help make working with them remotely an easy, seamless process. Test your system in advance of a scheduled video meeting and call us early if you have any questions

Video conferencing with your attorney can be a great experience, and it comes with a host of benefits. When looking for the right legal team to work with, ask what their options may be for working remotely to determine if it may be the right fit for you.