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The New FTC Non-Compete Rule: What You Need to Know

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) issued a Final Rule banning noncompete agreements nationwide. Under the FTC’s new Rule, existing Non-Compete agreements for most workers will no longer be enforceable after the Rule’s effective date. Right now, employers should pay attention to this issue and wait to see whether the Rule is enjoined or if an effective date is established. Please contact Pohlman Law Group if you have any questions about the new final rule or its impact.

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Explaining the Corporate Transparency Act

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) went into effect on January 1, 2024, and stands to impact millions of small businesses across the U.S.-- including yours! What Is The CTA? The CTA, enacted in 2021, is aimed at fighting illicit activities like tax fraud, money...

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Agreements with Creditors

Agreements with creditors didn’t shield the President from the trust fund recovery penalty. The trust fund recovery penalty, which applies to the failure to withhold the proper amount of taxes from employees' pay and to pay such amounts to the IRS, can be imposed on...

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Small Business Assistance From the IRS

The business lawyers of Pohlman Law Group PLC acknowledge that one of the best ways for our firm to serve our clients and keep legal expenses down is by helping them identify informational resources that they can access when they have questions about commerce or tax...

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Non-Compete Agreement Language

Non-competition and non-solicitation provisions are routine features of employment contracts for many Virginia businesses. Such provisions, when properly drafted, can provide important protection to employers from unfair competition. However, these types of...

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