LawPact Membership Participation

by | Business Law, Private Client Services

Pohlman Law Group PLC (“PLG”) is a proud participating member of LawPact, an association of business law firms located across the globe.

LawPact was founded over two decades ago to assist business law firms in providing excellent client service, firm management, and the utilization of changing technology. Today, LawPact boasts more than 50 members worldwide, with 31 located in the United States and the remainder located in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Business law firms seeking membership to LawPact undergo a rigorous examination to ensure that the firm is an ideal fit for the organization. Members consist of top-quality law firms with a focus in business law and an exceptional professional reputation in their communities. Members offer a variety of legal services, including transactional work and litigation, to expertly serve the needs of business clients in any industry, with a focus on cost-efficiency and personal attention.

PLG and the other members of LawPact enjoy access to a global network of resources as well as valuable interaction among the firms. Clients who work with a member of LawPact, like PLG, will benefit from the firm’s outstanding, personalized service. With PLG, clients can rest assured that their legal matters will be handled effectively and efficiently, whether the matter needs to be resolved in Virginia, Chicago, New York, or any other major city in the global economy.

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