Small Business Assistance From the IRS

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The business lawyers of Pohlman Law Group PLC acknowledge that one of the best ways for our firm to serve our clients and keep legal expenses down is by helping them identify informational resources that they can access when they have questions about commerce or tax laws. With this in mind, our attorneys would like our clients to be aware of a new tool for small businesses that is offered on the United States Internal Revenue Service Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center website. This can be an invaluable tool to the owners and managers of small businesses who have questions about taxes, benefits, and all of the other factors that go into operating a company in the state of Virginia. In addition to a number of informative webpages, the site offers free live webinars to better educate entrepreneurs in VA and elsewhere in the country. Live webinars are archived for future viewing after three weeks.

Features of the Service Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center

The IRS website has valuable information for those who manage, own, or one day would like to own a small business. Here are some of the highlighted features of the site:

An online tax calendar so that you can be aware of important tax deadlines

An email news service where you can register and be made aware of new IRS publications for small businesses

A virtual workshop offering nine lessons to help business managers and owners familiarize themselves with common tax issues affecting small businesses.

The IRS has tailored its information for businesses that claim assets of less than $10 million—which is what the IRS considers to be a small business. But that does not mean that some of the information won’t be useful to larger companies as well. If you prefer to receive brochures and other publications, you can order them from the IRS website or call (800)TAX-FORM.

Northern Virginia Business and Tax Lawyers

While the IRS Service Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center is a valuable tool, the business lawyers of Pohlman Law Group want to emphasize that not all legal and tax matters can or should be answered via the Internet. In many cases, it’s beneficial to a manager or business owner to discuss different scenarios with a qualified tax attorney to achieve the optimal solution. If you are the manager of a small or medium-sized business contact Scott Pohlman or Robert Baumgartner at 703-495-2224. Although not tax attorneys, they can discuss your matter, give you information about record keeping, and refer you to appropriate tax counsel (either a tax attorney or CPA).