Employer Alert: Are Your Posters Up to Date?

by | Business Law

Beginning January 31, 2012, the National Labor Relations Board requests updated posters to be placed visibly in the office where the employees can easily locate. The premise for these posters is to address the protection that employees have, whether they are union or nonunion workers. The NLRB finds it especially imperative for the nonunion workers to fully comprehend the rights they have under the National Labor Relations Act. Thus, the information on these posters must include these two key points. One, they are protected from the intervention of their employer if they chose to become involved in union organized activities. Secondly, they are protected if they discuss employment terms or conditions with other co-workers, including pay, work hours, management or any other applicable issue. The NLRB is hopeful that this will close the apparent “knowledge gap” between private employees and their employers. The only repercussion demonstrated from these posters is limiting them to traditional rules and regulations regarding work time and work areas and not addressing other main issues.

In conclusion, these posters are mandatory and any company that does not comply with this will be seen as antiunion and given a 6-month extension for filing unfair labor practices. Do not let this happen to your company and instead, obtain your free download from the NLRB’S website at www.nlrb.gov/poster. Additionally, a large, lamented paper put together by the BLR which establishes all laws that must be posted by the federal employers, including safety and equal employment opportunity can be found at other web sites including http://catalog.blr.com/product.cfm/product/2410280.

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