Civil Litigation

Relationships, whether between individuals or entities, can be complicated and sometimes events or situations arise that cause the relationship to break down.  Often, it is in the midst of this “break down” that a party finds themselves in need of a civil litigator. Maybe you have suffered a legal injury or harm because someone did not hold up their end of a bargain.  Maybe you own a business and someone has interfered in your ability to run your business or is unfairly competing with you. No matter why you find yourself in litigation, a lawsuit can be a complicated process and you need a qualified lawyer who can help guide you through the process.

The business litigation attorneys of Pohlman Law Group PLC represent clients in a wide variety of areas including business disputes, contract disputes, trust and estate disputes, and contested guardianships. Our business litigation lawyers represent clients in trials, arbitrations, hearings, and mediations before federal, state, and local courts. Our clients rely on us to represent them in a variety of areas.

Our attorneys can assist you with your case involving:

As experienced litigation attorneys, the lawyers at Pohlman Law Group PLC are familiar with all of the procedures, steps and know how to help you work towards the achievement of your goal.  They have knowledge of the substantive and procedural law encompassing those areas of their practice. The Attorneys at Pohlman Law Group PLC pride themselves on their written and oral advocacy skills and their analytical abilities, their ability to clearly and effectively communicate with clients, opposing counsel, court personnel and third parties.  The Attorneys at Pohlman Law Group PLC can help you understand if your case has a good chance of success. They can help you if you decide to pursue alternative dispute resolution and will help you negotiate an outcome that you feel comfortable with. Our attorneys are also skilled in handling every type of estate and trust, including non-traditional trusts like resulting and constructive trusts, and even pet trusts.

At Pohlman Law Group, we are more than just attorneys - we are trusted advisors, counselors, advocates, and partners. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you.


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